Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why Have An Orphan Status Verification Conducted On Your Child?

Orphan Status Verification Testimony:

We are so glad we hired EthioStork to do orphan status verifications on our children. The background information we received on each child is invaluable information that we will be able to pass down to them in the future. EthioStork did a thorough job conducting interviews and capturing their stories beautifully on film. We were amazed at the high quality footage in the DVD we received. It was worth every penny we spent to be able to have further evidence on our cases. Because of EthioStork's work on our behalf, we felt confident in presenting our cases to the US embassy knowing that we had done everything possible to verify our children's orphan status.
- Justin & Bonnie Myers

EthioStork General Testimony:

Hiring EthioStork to assist us in our troubled Ethiopian adoption is one of the best decisions we have ever made. EthioStork's team of investigators, social workers, and lawyers are filled with integrity, persistence, and passion for what they do. Duni Zenaye's consultations with us were forthright, honest, and empowering. Her professionalism and that of her staff is exceptional. Duni knows both US and Ethiopian adoption law inside and out. Without her help, we are certain our children would not be home today. We implore anyone who is not getting the answers they need from their adoption agency to contact EthioStork's team.  
- Justin & Bonnie Myers