Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yet Another Testimony....

"When the orphanage we adopted our son through told us finding information on his birth family would be very difficult and would take a long time, we knew we wanted to engage a searcher right away. We chose EthioStork and were so happy we did. EthioStork found his family in only two days. We now have invaluable information for our son -- information he should have had all along because it is his. Making contact also reassured his family in Ethiopia that he is healthy and happy.
We strongly recommend EthioStork. We were thrilled at how quickly they found our son's "unfindable" family. The information they profvided for our son and the beautifully shot DVD we now treasure.

Thank you, Duni and EthioStork. We are forever grateful to you for everything you did for ou son and the connection you helped us establish with his family in Ethiopia.

-A Grateful Canadian Family