Saturday, March 31, 2012

Submit Your Documents to the US Embassy through EthioStork

At EthioStork, we have a team of professionals with years of experience and an eye for detail. The families we have assisted by conducting Orphan Status Verifications, and then submitting their documents, have been able to avoid RFEs (Request For Evidence). Even better, these families have been able to get through the embassy more quickly because their documents are detailed and their children's status is verified.

EthioStork was founded to make the Ethiopian adoption experience more transparent and less stressful. So, do your homework! Don't take unnecessary risks with your adoption paperwork ... let EthioStirk review your documents and conduct an OSV if necessary prior to submitting your documents. Contact us at

"We have used EthioStork for Orphan Status Verification during our adoption process. It helped us gain more information about our children's background and the I600 applications, gives us the necessary tools we needed to prove our children are true orphans. The Orphan Status Verification helped us go through the embassy process faster and help us solved necessary issues on our paperwork and avoid any delays at the embassy.Duni is an amazing and professional person to work with. My experience with them was positive" -S. Kelati